Dec. 18th, 2010

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Wherein I chat about my numbers and my headspace.

Overall: good
Areas for improvement:
-tracking food
-meditation/stress management

Details behind cut. Read at your own peril. Read more... )

And about that meditation.. I need help.

I need to build a happy place in my head that makes the clenched feeling in my stomach go away long enough to eat and function like a normal person. So today I'm going to start looking for physical anchors of happiness... (maybe a token from one of my trips to Italy)... and try to visualize a place where I know I'm at peace and can feel in control. I'm not sure what that looks like, so it might take a while and I've never really done this before.

Anyone out there who actually meditates and has some breathing/mental Katas that could lead me through this? I'd even be willing to take some vacation time during the week to come to you to learn how to center and calm myself. Or recommend a studio? Dr Kool? Anyone? Help? drowning...

So...onto cleaning up my "internal house" and that purging project:
booksale, fabric sale, etc.

I'm going to ruthlessly cull my library for the book sale. I have an extensive library, but I'm ready to let go of a lot of it. The goal is to keep the stuff that I "need" for my current area of studies and dump EVERYTHING ELSE. And anything redundant/repetitive.

The week after X-mas my Mother in law is coming over and we are going to pull out all the fabric from my stash (I have about 15 bins of stuff) and I want it down to a few rolls and 3 bins by the time I'm done. I'm going to take measurements, take pictures and web as much of it as I can. My goal is to have a web page of "Fabric Trunk Sale and Library Clearance" by 12th Night and then an open house in early February. There's too much to take pictures of everything, though. Plus, some of my sisters have said they want to clear out fabric stashes as well. So more than likely there will be more than just my stuff.

I'm really excited about this. Right now, this IS my happy thought.


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