Nov. 8th, 2010 12:19 pm
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Is that the light at the end of the tunnel? or the headlamp on the approaching train?

I'm pooped. Barely anytime for me. However, Saturday was a girlie day out with mom and a few BFFs; facials, shoe shopping and lunch. Dang I totally needed it. I'm now the proud owner of deep garnet colored rainboots with 3inch heals... very snazzy. But other than that and Pumpkin-Ade day, I've been sheltering in place and just trying to steer clear of burn-out.

OH - I'm now a Basketball Mom. I think the difference between us and Soccer Moms is we dress down. Cardigan sweaters need not apply. I think the BB games are shorter and they have the bonus of being indoors (no wet kids standing around in grassy field).

Interesting to watch was last week during practice the coaches had our 4th grade boys' team (Super N's team) play against the 2nd-4th grade girl team (Miss E's team). I was cheering them all on and REALLY proud that the girls didn't back down. Also proud that that boys drills are paying off; it means they are listening to the coach.

Miss E had her first game on Sunday and I think she had a blast even though she never handled the ball during the game... she did a good job of guarding her zone and using her body to move the other girls around. (Future Shield Wall?) But you should have seen the other team's 4th grade girls towering over our team mixed of 2nd-4th graders. And they weren't just taller, they looked like they outweighed our our whippy little 4th graders by 30+ lbs. I kept wondering if some of their 4th graders were actually held back a year because they were so big. We lost, but we got 13 points on the board. Go Saints!

The hubby's cast comes off on Thursday. He thinks he's driving to work on Friday. (roll eyes)

I get to re-enter society on Saturday and I'm celebrating by... teaching a class and serving a feast. It's not exactly lounging by a pool with a fruity drink and a good book, but it will be fun and teaching revives my creative self. I'm now rushing to finish my boy clothes. If nothing else, the careful application of safety pins will keep me put togehter. LOL.. no, I'll be stiched in. But I'm now rushing because I'm just too busy looking after Captain Peg Leg. Speaking of which, I have to go make buttons during my lunch break.

Yay Collegium!
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