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I am reposting this for me, but you are welcome to read it. I originally shared this with my WW session in 2007. What works for me doesn't work for everyone, but if it helps, then I'm glad to have been able to help someone out.

This is what I do with regard to eating and exercise over the holiday season:

1. Before my first "celebratory eating event" (thanksgiving, open house, holiday dinner), I pull out my passport and/or the picture of me when I was getting laurelled (2000 for the curious - 200 lb). Those are the pictures of me at my heaviest. I slip those into an envelope and write myself several letters. I write about how hard it was to lose weight; how hard it was to understand why I eat; how hard it was to find new ways of dealing with stress; how much pleasure I take in racing and fitness; how much pleasure I take in bench-pressing my kids. How great it is that I'm not borderline diabetic anymore, which also improved my dental health. I also forgive myself for not being perfect, for continuing to stumble and I tell myself that it's even okay to succeed. I write a different letter for each of the upcoming occasions. This year I have pictures from my triathlons to slip in there to help remind me of how far I've come and fuel my motivation.

2. On a holiday, I get up early, read my letter and put my pictures up in my bathroom. Then I'll do some non-gym workout - usually outside. I dress warm and "greet the day". Fortunately, I live in San Francisco area and don't need to scale snow banks. I can go for a jog or a bike ride or just a walk. When I'm done I feel great, I find myself mentally ready for the day, and I feel like I'm in control of me.

3. I make an healthy breakfast at home for the family. I'll make waffles, put out fruit, toast, bacon, eggs, etc. I'll do my Weight-Watcher points (or calorie counting) to manage my portion to be about 1/4 of my daily points. I'll have at least one bite of everything; it's not about denying myself, it's about portion control and nutrition.

4. I have my fruit/veg snacks prepped for the day so that I'm not tempted to graze. If we are going out, I take them with me.

5. If there is an eating event (thanksgiving, etc) I mentally prepare myself by planning and visualizing ahead of time what I'll do abouat the food. I will mentally rehearse how big the portions on my plate will be, which ones I'll pass up, etc. I will mentally rehearse "pushing my plate away" which is something I'm always having to relearn. When I did WW I planned to use a chunk of my 35 flex points at that meal(it's a WW thing) and be scrupulous leading up to and after "the event". Now I check my calorie log (Thank you to the Body Bugg) and determine ahead of time what that looks like for food. I will pre-calc the point-values of some of my favorite things: slice of pumpkin pie w/o topping (9pts), 1/2 glass of wine (2pts), and palm-sized portion of turkey (2 pts).

6. Holiday events happen. Have the event and then let it be over. If, for whatever reason, I eat beyond what I'd planned (heavens knows after a few glasses of wine, a second slice of pie seems like a great idea), I will let it go. I will learn from it, try to figure out where my plan fell through, and I will not drag the rest of my the winter season down by throwing in the towel and grazing on candy, cookies or pies for the next few weeks. The point is to get back on board with my plan the next day and not use a single event as an excuse to stop caring about myself. One of my things is that I don't take fatty-starchy left-overs home and after day 2 of some grand feast at my place, all the fatty-starchy left overs go into the garbage. Yes, I throw away pies, left over stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. No grazing allowed.

7. I will continue to weigh myself weekly, track my points, and exercise. Business as usual.

So there it is.

Date: 2010-12-06 12:45 am (UTC)
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here are my eating strategies -
I choose the home made food at parties. It's easy to leave store bought food because I know I can get that any time.
I only take two bites of a food. Small helpings of different foods are more satisfying for me than large servings of a few foods. I tel myself if it's really good, I can always go back for more.
Pick something that takes a long time to chew - the longer you take, the more time you give your stomach to send the 'I'm full' msg to your brain.
If I don't like how something tastes, I stop eating it right away.
Having a latte with some dark cocoa on it helps to control my sweets craving, so I try to have that earlier in the afternoon, but not for breakfast.
I try to use a plate and put all the food on it at the same time so I can tell how much I'm eating. Nibbling small amounts is a killer for me.
And I don't take home leftovers, unless they're for the boy.


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