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I feel like I'm shedding a skin that no longer fits. I am totally addicted to down-sizing

I've filled 3 30-gallon bags with clothing. Gone. (Given to cleaning fairies)
I feel a swell of pleasure when I peak into my end of the closet and everything fits.

I dug around under my sink and yanked out all the toilletries that have been gifted to me, but I don't use. How many tubes of foot scrub will my mom give me this year? is she saying something about my feet? (All going to my cleaning fairies). I filled a box that was bigger than the ones paper comes in at work.

Next: cosmetics.
Next: Shoes
Next: Purses
Next: accoutrements (returning several shoe boxes of vintage costume jewelry to my MIL. I've selected about a dozen pieces and I actually wear them to work. But I'll never wear the rest and I don't want to hoard them or become off-site storage. She has some nieces who might like the rest)

Sunday: empty garage of my fabric, take pictures, take measurements, start webbing.

Monday/Tuesday: Cull books. Be ruthless.

And then over the year I will be completing all the unfinished projects in my shed. I don't really want to start anything new until those are no longer taking up my breathing space. Some of it might get finished and then gifted - projects that ate my brain a few years ago but only because I wanted to make it, not wear it. And the rest of the SCA dresses that I was holding onto, like the bumble bee brocade. It needs a home.

Down the road I'll take a look at my athletic gear/clothing. I think I have been pretty lean and careful, but I need to keep an eye on myself.

This is completely addictive. I'm shedding my skin. I wonder what I'll look like when this is done.
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