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Getting into a training groove. In July the swim and run legs of my race are longer than a half-iron man. Guess what this means?

- I've got to actually get serious about training
- If I survive (heavy on the "if"), I'm doing a half-iron next year.

Death Raven is either burying herself or kicking it up a notch, baby.

Monday Morning: Run 1 hour in morning = 6.5 miles
last mile at 3% with increasing speed to 7:30 in last few minutes. Yay. I haven't done more than 3 miles in a few weeks so I was conservative. I had real runner's high when I was done. Woot. Then I did crossovers on incline 6% for a few minutes each side. Good lateral work out.

Monday Night: Lap swim for 50 minutes.
Boring. boring boring boring. Realistically, in addition to gaining speed, my endurance needs to get up to 1 hr- 20 min. Why am I doing this race? Oh right. Bragging rights and the cool ball cap. Let's face it, it's all about the ego boost of finishing and the cool clothing/accoutrements afterwards.

Afterall, my Deathride Jersey if f-ing cool.


Tonight: wrestle treadmill into garage and set up bike on trainer in family room. Maybe do some spinning. Or grab free weights and work on shoulders/arms. Must - Self - Motivate at home... ugh.

Wednesday Lunch: Run 40 min at lunch - speed intervals.
Wednesday Night: Fighter practice.
Wednesday Night, later: hot tub :-D

Thursday: Weight lifting and/or session with trainer. Then yoga/stretch.

Friday morning: Booty// shoulder-arm Work out.
(sprints and weights on lower body; squats, lunges, st-leg deadlift, hip thrust, cable kick backs// lat pull down, military dumbbells, tri, bi, lateral raise, punch-lunch on cable cross over... ) Should be shaking and wiped out when done.

Saturday Morning: Long run (7 miles) in early AM
Sunday Morning: Short run (30 min) either recovery or some hill work up that ass-busting Erinwood driveway.
Sunday Night: Bike/trainer. 30 min
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