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I've been slacking. I haven't gained any weight (well, maybe 2 lb, but I'm so used to shooting up 5-10 lb, 2 feels super-manageble. I can cut out wheat and lose that 2 lb.)


Monday, Gym; sprint intervals and upper body
Tuesday, Day of Rest
Wednesday, slow work before fighter practice, then fighter practice (Hello Bruise-a-palooza!)
Thursday, Training Session with Captain Optimism. We did max reps on my upper body. My chest hurts like I've got a super duper squeezy sport bra on. I don't, it's just the pain.
Today... well, I slept through my morning window, but I have kids tonight, so maybe we go to the gym on our way home and they play in Kids club while I hit the weights and do Core.
Saturday, long run
Sunday, short run, Core

I feel great. Walking outside has been fabulous in this weather.

Fast food doesn't have to mean Junk food.

Sitting through a meeting yesterday, two of us brought our "fast food lunches". My friend Mike had left work to drive through a McD and get burger and fries. MY fast food was a yougurt, 2 cuties, an apple,a cheese stick and a low fat granola bar (I pack the bars for "just in case"; they are the optional item I leave off if my body isn't that hungry). I think my body loves me more than Mike's body loves him!

When I'm thinking fast food, I walk through the grocery fruit stand and dairy section grabbing ready to eat stuff. IMO, it may take a few more minutes than sitting in line at a burger joint, but if that's the difference between hardening an artery and how healthy I feel after eating well, then I'm in! Sometimes there aren't enough calories for me in that so I grab a can of soup (I like zesty gumbo stuff) or a lemon and some fake crab from the meat counter. A disposable zip lock container can be used to toss, store and eat from plus I keep a box of disposable spoons in the front of my car. (Everyone who gets in my car sees the spoons and gives me a "look" and says, 'Spoons?' LOL. But it works for my on-the-go lifestyle).

This is the easiest season to avoid junk food. Strawberries are in season. That's my impulse buy at the check out. Cuties are in, too, and I slip a few of those in my coat pocket for when the urge strikes. Strawberries and cuties are so much yummier than candy bars, have no fat, and their sugar boost isn't followed by the same kind of crash as a candy bar.

I love living in the Bay Area. So many healthy options all year round. Yay Nutrition.
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