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Kind of a cross post from facebook.

I can conquer the world
I feel renewed. We're moved. (not unpacked). The kitchen is functional. I have a cat to fulfill the roll of fuzzy management. I have a lot of "big think" going on in my brain. It must be my excitement for life burbling up within. Then I was planning a pedicure for Sunday (my toes are covered in all the colors we've been painting the house!) and it coincided with a "therapy pedicure" for someone else which started to became a cup of coffee but then turned into a pitcher of margaritas.

The pedicure rocked. I feel unstoppable. Everyone knows that nothing says, "I can take over the universe!" like a great pedicure.

The Goal
I jumped on the scale. I have 40 lbs to lose to get back to my happy, healthy, strong, butt kicking, cardio-crushing, endurance athlete place. That is a big number, but I've done bigger.

That's not bad news. I lost weight in Hawaii, came home, moved, flew to LA for a funeral, came home and moved some more, and have been living off microwave mac'n'cheese (which I hate to admit, but I am not tired of it! YUM!... what is WRONG with me?). I'm hovering at the same high weight I was at a few months ago. So all is not lost, things are not completely out of control and I have clothes that fit.

Three months to your Best Body
Courtesy of Oxygen Magazine
Those of us who yo-yo up and down in our weight know the mental landscape is the biggest war field. I went on to Oxygen magazine's website looking for inspiration and I've decided to throw myself into their "best body in 3 months" program. They provide a grocery list and the first week of work outs are bodyweight and can be done at home. If you are curious, search Oxygen magazine (not the television channel) and it's on their website.

Planning is succeeding
I went to the grocery store very late last night and this morning I'm cooking, doing laundry and getting ready for work. I've decided to save my 45 minute work out for when I get home because Miss E has been expressing the desire to work out with me and I want to work it into our normal day together. It's a body weight program you can do at home (lunges, crunches, push ups, etc). Besides, I'd like to do it on my pool deck, in my yard and breathing the fresh air of freedom without getting brain freeze (it's dastardly cold out).

What does success look like?"
If I stay true to this, I wonder what the changes will look like? Will our hero escape the clutches of Microwave Dinner Trap and lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks? Or will she succumb and then get brain freeze from Professor Cold Front? Will her cat come down from his tree and help or is he secretly in league with Captain Calories or does he have an agenda of his own? If she uses the Oxygen plan, will she drop in size and not weight?

To be continued. Find out next time at the same Death Raven Channel.
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