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A&S was fun.

Party like a goddess )

And the classes were great!take classes, get smart )

New Project Stuff

muse alert )
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You can tell it's monday when your boss spots you and is gleeful. He has stuff for me to do and it's due... TODAY! I get to lock myself in my office again and watch air move only it's not my footage, my equipment or my peeps. YARG! I will insert the caffeine drip and spin up some AC/DC. His parting shot, "Sorry, about this. I guess it's kind of a curse to be able to turn out quality work on short notice."

Shoot me now!

1. a&s:
Good: Lots of fun. Lots of bruises (sleeping on the ground is for kids!). Lots of new friends. Got to spend time watching my apprentices teach. They rock! The kingdom enrichment program... WOW! Totally cool and great classes. Wulfirc: always makes me die laughing. Do not be drinking while he's talking unless you want to risk fatal choking. I got to meet Brandee and talk to all the horses and riders.

Bad: peer pressure. dang! My sisters are devils. If you weren't there friday night, then you don't get the scoop from me.

Ugly: none.

Next year: Apparently my super-human ability to drink, maintain forward momentum under the influence of alcohol, get less than three hours of sleep, and bounce out of bed feeling chipper is going to be put to the test. we need a man-bodice )

Possible future race:
Of all things, I met a triathlete while packing down my camp. Woot woot! He had on a super-cool jersey with little skulls all over it and the logo "Death Ride". I love the skull art and dia del muerte, etc. I couldn't help introducing myself to ask about it - hey, it's all about the cool schwaag, Baby!

It's a race jersey for the same-named race, so now I'm researching "Death Ride", which is a 130 mile race developed by Greg leMons to train for the Tour d'France. From the description, it sounds really hard. And yet... that's why it's so interesting. I had bike dreams last night (sadly, most of them involved flat-tires). Why is this new race lodged in my scheming mental landscape? But it comes down to why keep climbing the same mountain? The challenge is in finding higher, steeper peaks that we push against; to test our mettle, our edge, our commitment, our passion. And if we fall, then retool; figure out what needs to be done differently and then overcome it. I think I would wither if I didn't have a new challenge to hurdle myself at.

Training window, Day 1
yeah. hm. That said, today is day 1 of my 12-week training window leading up to my next Tri.freaking out - race in 12 weeks )


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