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Jan. 11th, 2010 12:49 pm
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I ran 5 miles last night which was a bummer because in my fantasy plan I was supposed to run 8. Oh well. Missing runs Friday and Saturday and being on my feet all day Saturday might be the culprits. My plan for the half marathon has firmed up to a interval approach, so I think I only need to get my long run from 7.5 miles to 10 miles in the next few weeks. I'm home sick today, so I'll probably spend the day chilling out and then do the 8 miles in the gym tonight.

I spent last nights exertions doing a few things: cheering the calorie counter which shows me the theoretical results of all that effort, watching the gym tv (no sound) which was showing some badly costumed late night movie with something like "Seeker" in the title, and trying to figure out what my next big project is.

I have no idea what I want to make next. None. No big visions. I just did the big vision. I consoled myself that I still have my 2 project lists (costume and embroidery) and I will be getting back to Conal's Pelican and Isela's kirtle shortly. No doubt the kids will need something new this fall plus I've promised to make a Victorian jacket for a friend for next years Dickens. But there's no shiney picture in the back of my head flogging me onwards and it feels weird. I think my muse is probably putting her feet up and encouraging me to enjoy the sensation of completing something big.

But I have plenty to do.
*Focused playdates with the apprentices. I have buckets of love that I need to dump on them.
*I've made verbal commitments to visit 2 different people at their homes to join them in an day of patterning, design and sewing and I'm really excited.
*I'm going to put together a class proposal for IKINS for 2011 focused on something Italiano+costume+period letters - maybe the role of clothing in ceremony vs everyday life, how it differed. We'll see if I have enough material to pull that together to be worth someone's time to hear.
*I've offered to help get classes for our Collegium autocrats - many hands make work light.
*I'm also going to do a costume clinic sometime soon, which a few cohorts said they really need. The "Clinic" is where everyone brings some project they hate, finished or not, and as a group we help each other trouble shoot it. When we're done reviewing everyone's projects (and not everyone needs feedback, but it's there if you are stumped and want to bounce ideas off a healthy group of people who will give you the hard message in a sensitive way), we pull out seam rippers and begin our respective fixes. Everyone has said they like it and it helps them pull out the failed garments that have haunted their closets for years and either repair, recycle or discard them.
*Royal School of Needlework week long certification class in April (a week of gold work! bring it! yay!)

I bet my muse takes a little break and gets all inspirational later this spring after the RSN Class
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Mom your ride: (along the lines of Monster house, but for a mom-mobile)

Great line I heard on "Rugrats" this morning:
Raise your kids, not your voice.

I got 8+ hrs of sleep last night. I'm bouncing off the walls and very chippy ... and sharing my "joy of life" with co-workers. (Some are not sharing in my pep and I've gotten a few startled looks. Right now I've locked myself in my office as a precautionary protective measure for co-worker sanity). I think I was like this a lot more before I had kids. I vaguely recall being more rested and more zippy. I feel great. This is usually the mood I'm in when I volunteer for SCA offices or BIG projects. (any of your recruiters can pipe down. Don't ask; even if I have a sanity failure, I now make a point of running everything past Hubby and Apprenti and they will say "NO".). Unfortunately, I got NOTHING done from my "to do" list last night.... I did other important things, like snuggling the kids at bed time and Nicholas read to me... it was freaking amazing. I fell asleep with both kids, all three of us tucked into his bed and talking about wolves and wolf-pack dynamic. How cool is that?

Tonight, I'm taking off to apprentice house to drape and scheme and sew. And.. lol... is she reading this? I wonder if she'll see this... I won't say. I have a rabbit up my sleeve. She mentioned wanting to learn something way-back-when and I may start that tonight too. .. heh. It will totally depend on her.


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