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What a weekend!!

Friday - I took a day-long seminar at Rakkassah. Read more... )
Saturday: Took Evie to Tribal Throwdown and we had dinner at family place.

Tribal Throwdown Read more... )

Saturday night: dinner at MILs. I made some of the food, she made her wonderful pot roast. God - I could just wallow in that!!! And the chocolate bread pudding was a hit. My MIL snaked the recipe, which I got from the internet. So not like a big secret.

And I met her BF. Totally adorable. And his little dog, named Muffin, was a hit with the kids. Nicholas made up a song about Muffin that day and then sang it to her. Then, since Evie had these new dance fans and we brought them (of course, mommy, they are new and I'm going to show nanny...), they danced with the fans. Nicholas informed us he was dancing the "ninja dance", which involves chopping, leaping, and falling plus sound effects. I just crossed my fingers that it didn't become the "how to poke out your eye while doing a ninja dance" evening. Evie was on board with her big brother and Ninja-leaped with her fan, too. We couldn't stop laughing. And no one put an eye out. (whew!)

We got home and I was so tired. What a full day! I fell asleep putting the kids to bed. When did I get so old? lol. Or maybe I'm just slowing down to "normal" as some of my friends my suggest...

I started my Sunday out right. After an evening of guinness-fondue, pot roast and bread pudding, I went to the gym for a good hour. I did 30 min of cardio and then did a full circuit (upper and lower body). (and today my hamstrings are sore.. I did maximum effort and since I was only doing 1 set, did each rep really slow).

I went shopping right after the gym. I have no summer clothes that fit and got some shorts and a spring dress for work. I have a rant building up about women's clothing sizes and the liars that market this stuff. But I'll save it for another time.

After that, it was family yard day and house cleaning day. Read more... )
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I can't believe I'm posting again. I just can't concentrate on the super-boring work in my office when there's this sunbeam crawling across my desk,... getting closer and closer to my keyboard.. calling me outside...

So, all poopy work stuff and sickness stuff aside, things are pretty swell.

I'm dancing in a studio again. woot! Apparently I just can't get self-disciplined enough to do it alone at home. And at home there's no good 'spot' that's (a) available and (b) not going to disturb the family. Besides, the studio vibe rocks. AND... even better, the main teacher had us doing layering I'd never done before. My hips and ribs are actually sore AND I felt clumsy.. which is new for me. With all my gym time, I was really surprised, but I'm also totally thrilled that I found someone who can push me in so many ways. woot!

Strawberries are in season. I just had some organic ones and they are freaking awesome. yumm!

I'm continuing to eat right and exercise and my weight is slowly creeping down while my fitness is slowly getting better. Yay! The weight loss has slowed down (it really is creeping), but the fitness improvement has not. Yay!

I'm teaching again in less than a month. It's a corset workshop for the apprentices/sojourners. I love to teach and I love to make corsets. woot!

I'm making steady progress on one of my embroidery projects.

I seem to have my act together at work. It's shocking, but cool.

Today I"m getting off by 3:30, going to gym, picking up kids, packing picnic and taking them to the park to skate. (The poopy here is that daddy has to work past 10pm tonight so he won't get to go with us.) Okay - I always rail about the idiocy of daylight savings, but I'm gonna make it work for me tonight.

I'm making a dress for Ysa and then I'm slavering to start one for me. I've been electro-shocked by my muse.... Time to cut and sew and dance and feel spring in the air


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