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I rode my bike to work today.

My GPS failed. I got on a trail at the end of Olympic and instead of turning off it to cut through Lafayette, I looked at the sign that said it was 2.3 miles to Orinda. Sounded good. Unfortunately, I missed THAT turn. I suspected something was wrong when I passed St. Mary's College. Then I got to Moraga Rd. WTF?


I pulled over and texted my boss that I'd be missing the 7:30 meeting. Wherever I was, I was definitely running late. As the sun came up I found a parks trail map. Looks like I'd gone south and around the Lafayette Reservoir. It was a beautiful ride, just not one I'd budgetted the time for.

My 2.5 hr ride turned into 3.25. And my ride up Wildcat Canyon began around the time I thought I'd be arriving at work, so it was a heart-pounding adreniline race against the clock because I erroneously thought I had an 8am meeting with my director. I shaved 3 minutes off the climb and more off the Shasta-side descent.

And that faulty GPS? D'oh. There has been no manufacturer's recall on my personal ability to navigate, although there probably should be.

And now? I'm riding to BART, but getting off in Lafayette so I can get in an hour ride home.
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I'm still high on last weekend. Death Ride in 4 weeks. My game plan... is locked up in my head. But when reviewing it with the hubby, he had one question:

"Why aren't you trying to do all 5 passes?"

Squee... I love him. His thought was that I was there and I needed to go for broke and after hearing about my weekend and my schemes, he didn't see why I wasn't planning on doing all of it.

I love him so much! My biggest fan evah!

I will go for broke, but I was sharing my reasonable expectations, not my OCD driven schemes for taking over the world.

So.. if you are looking for something to do on July 11 and want to throw water on me, have lunch, maybe help apply some mole-skin and then root me on up the 4th pass, meet me in Hermit's Valley. I will be there between 11 am and 3 pm for lunch and then I will go back up to the top of Ebbetts and onwards To Glory!

(It's a big time window because I just can't be more specific. I plan on starting at 4 am and Monitor may take 6 hours OR it may take less if the weather doesn't suck. And Ebbetts took 2 hours on legs that got to rest more than 12 it's all guess work.)

To get to Hermits Valley that day, take Hwy 4 from the Arnold side. The roads will be closed from the other direction for the ride. And IF they open, they will be a mess.


Jun. 1st, 2009 09:56 am
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So much pressure. Read more... )

On the other hand, the kids continue to crack me up and make me proud. The only pressure there is the pressure I put on myself.

Upon arriving at Erinwood, I inform them we will make a round of "hello's" before we set up camp.

Miss E, "But I'm shy. Do I have to talk to everyone?"
Super N, "E, you just need to face your fears."

It's so hard to keep the laughter on the inside when I hear the wisdom they share back and forth.

We watched some friend's kids on Friday and my kids were great hosts. Miss E was enchanted with the 2 yr old and they played for hours. (She informed me she wants a baby sister. har har har... so easy to want but very hard to live with).

We went to a BBQ on Saturday and they wow-ed the non-parents in the crowd by heeding me when I said "no" to more cookies. And they played really great with the host's kids, too. Super N once again organizing games all the kids could play. It's so interesting to watch him develop self-confidence.
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What do you wear for your cold weather biking?

What works for you? What doesn't?

What kind of biking? On road? Off road? Intensity - high or low or in between?

what I'm doing and what I think I need to do )
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I'm part of a few tribes. There's Villa Luna. There's my sassy-smart co-workers. And there's the other cyclists on the road. This is about them and they rock.

[ profile] hrj and I did "Three Bears" today. It rocked hard. It took us 3+ hrs last time and somewhere around 2 to 2-1/2 this time.

Towards the end I got a flat from a piece of glass in my rear. We pulled into a driveway to deal with this (I carry tools, spare and pump). What was really cool was as I was fixing it, members of the tribe were slowing down to see if we needed help. That's so cool. We didn't, but the checking-in part was pretty slick.

Unfortunately, I snapped the pin out of the replacement tube. I was standing there contemplating the pierced tube and the now-busted spare with no other tube prospects and wondering how I was going to explain that to F. Seriously - he's been sleeping poorly and I wasn't sure he was actually awake.... and that's when the Benicia Bicycle Club rolled up.

Them: Do you need help?
Me, muttering: I need to wake up Strike-Force Alpha and call in a rescue. I'm so screwed.
HRJ, loudly: Yes, we do.

They swarmed us in their bright yellow jerseys and in less than 2 minutes some very veteran cyclists are replacing my tire, showing me a superior pump, and exchanging e-mail so I can network with some ladies tri-team training group.

wow! Most Excellent!

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Or just toil and trouble..
play-doh makes it all better )

Revived Opinion of 24 HR Fitness - the local manager rocks
Friday night I did my gym work-out. yay! And I met with Kenny K., manager of my local 24-hr fitness club and built like The Rock. It turns out the hubby wants to use the membership that I cancelled so I needed to go set it up again. sigh. That's just sooo ironic; he doesn't use it for 3 years and on the day I cancel it, he asks me to order a replacement membership card for him because NOW he wants to go.

Anyway, Kenny was professional and nice. I told him my drama, starting with the miscommunication between his staff person and myself, then the whole maddening phone thing. No, I did not vent because that whole thing is in the past: I was nice and professional. When we were done, he reinstated the account and he offered to comp me the months that were erroneously charged to the wrong account. Wow! And all I was hoping for was the same rate I'd gotten for the hubby the first time. Rah Rah for customer service at my club.

Triathalon prep
I'm hyped about the triathalon, which means nervous and excited and overwhelmed and determined to whip it. So Saturday morning I took my (newly borrowed) bike out and did a 1hr+20 min ride and then did a 40 min stagger/run. I am now confident that I could probably finish the triathalon right now. I need to work on improving my fitness level, I need to train on hills and I need to get the rust off my swim skills between now and then because I want to do more than "just finish"; I may register for an Olympic length in the fall.

I was very tired during the run. I think I need to take in some calories while I'm doing this, but not sure if it should be carbs or protein. Anyone reading this who might have feeback?

Oh - and Le Chef may start joining me for the bike portion of the program. Yay! I'm assuming that will be once we get past Thanksgiving and our start time will be 9am-ish. I mentioned it to Spot Boy, but his bike is at work. Maybe he'll find a loaner and we'll start a club and get jerseys and maybe I'll get them racing and .. Ooops! Stop that! You are too busy!

boring details of my bike relearning curve and staggering/running adventures early Saturday )
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Upcoming possibilities:
I yearn to do the Dec 1 race in Death VAlley (the 10 K, not the marathon). Oh well. Too soon. Too over scheduled right now. Catagon- I see some Huddart park stuff which is near you. Interested? Feb 2 & Mar 1.
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