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I got an e-mail from Chevron Corp today. They had the wrong station and I just had to let them know about my final conversation with the station owner, so I responded. I doubt I'll hear from them again.

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The follow up to:

The owner called me back. the nitty gritty )So there it is. Nothing will really change at that gas station. But by sharing my tale perhaps I've emboldened my friends and family to stick up for themselves and by my example shown you that no matter how impossible a situation is, if you keep on pushing back a solution can be achieved and you don't need to be a victim.

I also have the satisfaction of having my voice heard and the knowledge that I followed due process, which is the most that a reasonable person can do. I can still write a letter to the local paper about how a visitor from the East Bay was treated and I may do that next week when work eases off.

And of course the staff in the trailer I work have been listening to my various phone calls and finally had the guts to say "hey, what up? most entertaining, but we'd like the whole story." So I had an impromptu jam session about crappy customer service in my office today, which was very VERY cathartic.
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6:45 pm
Redwood City, CA
Chevron Gas Station, Whipple ave (94512)

My gas card slid all the way into the card reader at Pump No. 1 and fell into the machine. I was a little perturbed because that had never happened before and I suspected it would slow down my trip to [ profile] fighter_chick's house. I'd already spent over an hour on the road getting from Berkeley to RWC and hoped it would be easy to extract my card. Before heading into the mart, I verified my pump number and double checked that I hadn't accidentally ignored a posted sign warning about a faulty card reader. There were no signs nor dangling strips of tape that might show the reader had been blocked earlier.

So I head off to find the station attendant in the attached mini-mart.
Wherein I discover new lows in customer service and I get the rare chance to demonstrate the power of making a scene. )

Today I called Bob Oyster, owner of Chevron, and left a summary message. His office number is available to anyone who calls the Whipple Ave station to ask. The Whipple Ave station number is: 650-216-9155 and Bob Oyster's office number is 650-363-7202. Feel free to voice your concern over the treatment of customers held hostage by inadequate equipment and hostile employees. I have not yet heard back from Bob.

I also emailed Chevron corp today. It would have been longer, but I had a maximum word count: Read more... )
I wonder if I'll get a response.

P.S. I know some folks who frequently say, "wow! don't piss thread_walker off". But I think that's not really what's happening. I'm not just mad; I get mad all the time because of the rampant stupidity that I have to work with everyday and I don't go around raging at people. These people, however, pushed my "fight or die" button. And my mom lives in that town and buys gas there. I would hate for this to happen to her. So that was a combination of my survival instinct and my impulse that compels me to fighting against injustice. Trust me, there was a part of me that wanted to just call my husband and have him come get me. But that would have been messy to get my car/card back and I would have had to cancel my plans for the evening. How unfair is that? My life torn up because of someone else's negligence and lack of personal responsibility. So before my more self-restrained or non-confrontational friends say something about not pissing me off, perhaps you should instead consider the advantage that there are people out there willing to publically humiliate themselves and make a scene in order to fight the bastards.


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