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The event was fun. I got to see a lot of fabulous friends, long-absent friends, and made some brand new ones.

The "bird cage hat" was very eye catching. the power of the hat )

Real world vs Snow Globe World
I found myself reflecting on the melodrama of the SCA this morning. Living in Your own Little Snow Globe )
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I feel like I need to add some explanation. It occurs to me that people might wonder what journey of research and inspiration fueled this project and whether it's supposed to be entirely creative or represent something from the 15th century period. (See, I assume you have the same analytical process as I do and ask yourself the following questions even before embarking, which are: Is that a representation of how embroidery would have been utilized in the 15th century? Are those techniques appropriate for the application? What about motifs? overall design? supplies? etc)

Cut for long content background )

nevermind all that chat, show me the pictures )
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Nicholas turned 9 today. Yay! He got to choose dinner (McD), which we took home. I had cupcakes for us to eat afterwards. I put candles on his and light them, then turned off the lights, and Miss E and I sang to him. He was pretty excited. Then, since all his homework was done, we spent the evening playing board games and snuggling on the sofa. F got home and had presents. Apparently, unknown to me, Super N wanted something besides Legos; some sort of Star Wars game thing that plugs into the TV. Super N freaked out and leaped around the place once he unwrapped it. It was pretty awesome to see him be happy.

In fact, he's doing GREAT at school this week. I can't stop telling him how proud I am. He's even counseling Miss E to put on a happy face when she's being cranky at her teachers.

I just read ermine-rat's post about crazy seamstresses and 12th Night. I didn't intend to drive myself crazy with 12th Night projects. But ... I did.Why am I wearing a bird cage and feathers on my head? )


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