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So one of the things that has been forming in the back of my mind is forming a triathalon club in MY area for the late night work out group who can't go to work-outs straight after work or who don't live in an area where there's an active tri-club. I live in the suburbs and do homework w/ kids at night, so I need something that works with my schedule that won't detract from my family life. I suspect I'm not the only one out there with this schedule. In fact, I'm betting that if there was such a club, there are more working parents who'd do triathalons.

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I have most of my WW group excited and interested in entering a mini-triathalon. Yup... I did that. I was all bubbly and excited and told them that the "See Jane Tri" training group could take folks with no fitness background and train them to complete a sprint length Tri in 12 weeks. In 8 years, they've never had anyone NOT finish their goal-tri after joining the training group. After much discussion and oohing and ahhhing over that in my WW group, I pointed out that as it happens I found a mini-tri on-line that will be in Emeryville. 100 yd swim, 2.5 mi bike, 1.2 mi run. (link below) After telling them about that, they were all excited and I'm bringing in the paperwork to next weeks meeting.

Come to me my followers... we don't serve coolaide, we serve gatoraide.

[personal profile] hrj and I think that I'd be a rich cult leader if I didn't have this overwhelming drive to use my powers for good. sigh. Oh well. Being good has its uses, too. Although it sure would be nice to be RICH and be GOOD!


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