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Unloading the car, the husband stopped, hefting a sword, and in a voice filled with surprised annoyance, "You used MY sword this weekend?"

She did not appear to be intimidated by the tone of voice or the glare, responding, "What? That's yours? Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, I'm sure. That's my trigger lanyard. That's my basket hilt. That's my foam padding inside the basket hilt," he says as he points out each part he's referring to. He glared at her with self-righteous indignation. She leaned in and frowned at the sword, "Hmm... I think you might be right."

"You mean you've been using my sword all the time you've been going to practice?"

Shrugging, "Maybe, maybe not. Honestly, I couldn't tell you. I just grabbed the one that was easiest to find Saturday at 5am. I have to say, I like the heft and the length." Then, smiling with glee, she looks him in the eye and says, "So that means I was holding your sword all weekend. I was slaying and killing and hand my hands all over your sword," waggling her eyebrows each time she said "sword".

He did not rise to the bait. "Yes, you were. Don't use my sword." He walked into the depths of the garage, hidden from sight.

"Even if I'm hitting Ob with it?" She queries from the driveway, shouting into the dark garage.

After a pause, he called out, "Don't use my sword."

"Even if I'm hitting-"

"This is your sword," he gestures with the sword he just unearthed from a pile of armor. "Use your sword, not mine." Handing over her much rattier sword, he turned around once more and disappeared into the depths of the garage.

"You're no fun."

"I'm plenty of fun. Use your own sword. That's why you have your own sword."

Erinwood V

May. 26th, 2009 08:07 am
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Last weekend was Erinwood V. It rocked. Like usual.

For me, Erinwood started Thursday night at home. Thursday started at 3:30 am since it was a "bike to work day". Thus when Alderon called around 9 pm, I was doing my fabulous impersonation of "old fart falling asleep in front of TV". F handed me the phone and the voice on the other side said, "Would you like to fight at Erinwood this year?"

My brain screamed, "yay" and gave a mega cheer.

My outside voice said something different and it sounded a lot like my mom to my ears, "Yes, but are you sure? I am such a weenie fighter, I feel like I just take up space and I offer no challenge. I feel kind of guilty about that."

Alderon's reply was, "We'd be honored to have you on the field."
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Not sure, but there still might be a gremlin screwing with my calendar.

Miss E had a headache last night when I picked her up from school. At 2 am she woke me up to climb into bed with me because of scary dreams and being cold. And that's when I discovered she was burning up all over.

"Houston, we have a fever on our hands."

We shall see what happens. I'm not doping my 4 yr old on motrin/tylenol and then dragging her up to the mountains for the weekend. If she snaps out of it tonight we can go tonight/tomorrow morning. If she does not, F is taking N and they are going for a father/son bonding weekend. I will pre-make N and F's lunches tonight if they go without me just to make it easier for him to fight with reduced hassle. I'll have N help me pack a cooler so he knows where everything is.

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I have two modes when it comes to projects:

1. putter along at my own pace
2. dawdle, be indecisive, look for the perfect materials and then work like mad for a deadline
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