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Last week was wretched. I'm so happy to back in my normal chaos zone. I'm still not making "plans", but at least I don't have to hate being at work, too.

The last week's top "bad" unless misery loves company, cut to protect everyone from suckiness )

My happy:

1. Last week is over. RELIEF!

2. At lunch on Friday, my (awesome) team had a potluck. Everyone worked their butts off all week, so the food was all "bought" because no one had time/energy to make a dish, but it was spiritually renewing to sit and eat as a group and to "meet" with each other outside the clean rooms.

3. Dinner at a friends on Friday. It was a social "engagement" that more or less happened as planned. (Hubby ended up cancelling: he had to work late, so I missed him being there. So that part of the plan didn't happen).

4. My mom did not come over this weekend. I'm pretty sure her enthusiasm for "helping" me and adding to my "to do" list would have driven me off the edge. We had a wonderful hour-long chat on Saturday instead. I'm up to date on her senior center classes, her latest Goodwill treasure hunting successes, what all her friends and their kids are doing, that my sister's overseas jaunt will be extended (boo!) and the doings of her evil sister-in-law.

5. I ran on Sunday and pushed my pace. It was good.

6. I swam laps Monday morning. It was good. I felt comfortable in the water even if I'm not fast.

7. I got a random call on my cell from a sister and we chatted for an hour last night as we commuted home. It was good.

8. We had to repeat some airflow work yesterday. Apparently the camera operator (me) managed to hit the buttons at the wrong time on Tuesday. The validation guys and my office neighbor just had to subject me to the video I did take: me setting up the camera while singing Van Halen songs to myself. There was extreme laughter as the camera bumps along and you can hear me singing. No, I'm not good. AND, even best of all, it's officially part of our raw documenation, so it will be preserved forevah and evah!

9. I made mint chocolate ice cream last night. It will get frozen tonight. But I "finger licked" the pot after I put the mix in the fridge to cool over night. YUMMM! OMG! And it's my own recipe! I love making treats.

10. I got on the scale this morning. I know I made bad choices last week, I didn't work out, I binged on cookies and rum one night, and probably had too much wine with dinner Friday night. I didn't weigh in last week, but I've been here before and I could tell I was 5-6 lbs above my range by Saturday. Today I'm just 1/2 lb above my "normal" range. Weird, but 'yay'.

11. I have my own wet suit.

12. I have a one way ticket to Paris. (and a one way ticket from Milan to SFO). But I got devilish delight in telling the bosses last week that I had a one-way ticket to Paris.

drum rollAnd last night's Awesomeness:

N, with glee, "Wow! Mommy, I'm reading and I don't have to read and I don't want to read."

Me, "If you don't want to read, then why are you reading?"

N, "Well, I didn't want to read, but then I started reading and now I want to read. But I didn't have to and now I want to because I want to finish the story."

Me: pride, relief, joy, pride...
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Work continues to try and convince me that I don't have a personal life. So instead of buying into that, I am taking my lunch break (which started at 1pm) and writing out why I'm happy instead of grumpy.

Things that put the happy in my day:

1. Lunch started late and I was STARVED. Instead of binging, I ate the lunch I packed, reviewed my food plan for the day and instead of caving and eating a low-cal carby snack from my stash, I finished off my orange bell peppers and carrots. (It all seems so... orangey! hahaha! but orange is a happy color.)

2. I exercised last night. I beat the sleepies! Woot woot. And it was tough, but I pushed through.

3. N did some insane amounts of reading this week and it was all done in time for tomorrow’s book report. Team N rocks! I'm so proud of him.

4. It’s freaking gorgeous out.

5. I have a new, black wool coat. Woot woot!*

6. Tonight is my art night. My muse insists that regardless of triathlons or weight loss goals, my internal fitness driver must allow me one night a week to let my creativity flex and to nurture my spiritual/art side. I will probably sew on stuff for the kids, but there are so many possibilities for projects to work on, I’m all suppressed anticipation.

7. I was ready to peal out of the house at 6:20 am, but lingered instead to hang out with my fan club. It was awesome. As I watched them, I can't see the baby in N's features. And E is so tall and so sure of everything she does. Where are my babies? Who are these kids? I'm proud and happy, but feel an odd wrench at how grown up they are.

8. Tonight, before I don my Corbie Cape and disappear into the Corbie Cave, we are going out to eat and then splash around in the (not very hot)-hot-tub. This is a reward for the kids, who’ve been awesome and who requested a fun Thursday.

9. The husband says he’s going to be home early tonight. I’m trying to hold down my excitement because every time he’s said that for the last few months, work has sabotaged the plan. But it sure would be nice…. (fingers crossed, but not holding my breath)

10. (drum roll) I am going to insist that regardless of "their" schedule, I will not be working late next Wednesday. Next Wednesday is the Art Gala at N's school, which will then be followed by Star Gazing. We are going and that's that!

*I geek about my coat )


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