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"Down with Carbs"
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It has been an emotional roller coaster this week wrt fitness and health. So I was up far too late last night (2am?) sewing and percolating. I think I have some perspective and I even have a bench mark from winter of 2005/2006.
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Okay, I'm ready to throw down with myself. I've got my "mean" face on and I'm not giving up just because it seems so hard.
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Edit: I did it. I registered for a sprint length triathalon. May 4,2008 in Napa.

OMG... I'm not sure if I want to do a happy dance or puke from fear. Jay-Zee (co-worker) is loaning me her mountain bike after Halloween, so I'll get to start training... err.. cycling.. on that. And I need to find a pool and get back into the groove of distance swimming.... (dance or puke; dance or puke; dance or puke? jury is out. back to work instead)

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Oh chocolate, how I love thee...

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In the meantime, I discovered some yummy food yesterday. The hubby thinks I'm wacked and freely commented on my insanity on the first 2 items below, but they are keepers as far as I'm concerned. cauliflower, sweet potato, peaches )

Bikini Boot Camp (book review - exercise portion)
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This has been a tough week for getting through my schedule and, therefore, stay on track on my healthy style. So far I'm meeting my personal health commitment though probably at the expense of having more to do this weekend. rambling to myself about health and weight )
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I went to the doctor today. We did not do my annual female check up like I expected. However, based on the number of appointments I anticipate over the next few weeks, I’m sure she’ll have plenty of opportunity for that, too.

My doctor is a tough, no-nonsense Indian woman whose marriage was arranged, who has two school age sons, and who practices with her husband. She doesn’t spend time being diplomatic and she says exactly what she thinks. She often greets me by saying, “I see you still have 40 pounds to lose. What are you doing about this? How are you eating?” etc. And then we move into more sensitive topics, all of which she approaches with the same full steam ahead bracing fashion.

The visit was due to recent (negative) health changes:

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Health ...

Apr. 7th, 2005 11:04 am
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I’m having some symptoms that might be the signs of a health problem and I’ve decided to address it with professional help. I tend to ignore my health and I’m writing this out to drive home the point to myself that I need to call the doctor. Otherwise I’m just as likely to blow it off if I don’t feel sick enough. (I’m sure most of you have experience with that to one degree or another).
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Well it's about time! The smackage I got Thursday night at practice is FINALLY showing. The bruises make great "don't touch me here" markers, if nothing else. The one on my hip is the size of a dinner plate. The one on my shoulder is smaller, but much deeper and it's a lovely shade of yellow and purple.

The Unkindess (of Ravens) and his lady have nested in Pittsburg. How fun. I netted several slow-work and exercise pointers while bringing pizza and (good) beer to the moving crew. So I took that with me to the gym this morning.

Today at the gym (4:30am - 5:30 am)

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