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I'm freaking about being ready for my trip.

I have a wedding in Fresno on Saturday and I have to be at the airport probably at 1pm to check my baggage on Sunday (that's a 4 hr window for check-in). Then I meander to Florence via train for a bit over a week.

This coming weekend is feeling over scheduled. Wishing the wedding was not pushed up next to my trip. I think I'm packing tonight.

I've been nervous about forgetting stuff like my passport. All this electronic booking makes me nervous that I've misplaced something in my e-mail. And I worry that if I print it too soon I'll lose it and if I wait too long, I'll run out of time via work/life-interference. So today is my day of mad-printing and making museum reseverations where necessary. I need to make sure I have all the room bookings since I booked the spots bewteen Paris and Florence. My partner in crime booked apartments in Paris and Florence. ... uh-oh.. do we have anywhere for the last night in Milan? dang it...I need to check. I think the answer is "not yet".

I think I waited too long for train tickets - I'll have to wait and get them there. I suspect you can by Euro train tickets in France. safe bet? And I want to rent a global phone for the trip. But if I get too crunched for time to pick that up, I have phone cards and I know how to use them.

In the midst of freaking out, I verified the location of the conference (the Duomo) and started reading the itinerary in detial. I had to catch my breath because I'm so excited. I think it escaped me that I'll be tied up until at least 7pm (1900) each night and some nights even later. Wow. 2 thoughs: 1 - Very cool and 2 - I better warn my travel partner that she's on her own for dinner. Fortunately, we like each other a ton and after living in each others bubble for 10 days, she might enjoy evenings to herself for the sake of our continued friendship. Or not. A day or two without me and who knows, maybe she'll be terribly lonely for my dorky sense of humor, my devilish shopping skills, my touristy Italian skills, and ability to cat nap anywhere at any time in almost any position (yes, I've almost fallen down snoozing on my feet... at work.. and I don't recommend it).

Speaking of travel partners, I totally lucked out. Initially I was pretty sure I was going alone. It was kind of daunting because last time I was overseas alone was in Japan and I got mixed up at the train station and the only reason I didn't miss my flight home was due to a delay. Who knows what kind of insane mix-up I can get into in Europe; it's a lot bigger than Japan, that's for sure. And there's the social aspect - I used to be alone a lot but now I'm rarely alone and this kind of trip is the kind that's fun to share with someone. So I wasn't totally excited about travelling solo at first, but after I wrapped my brain around it and decided it would be fun to be on my own schedule at my own whim and sort of bumping around alone, JZ asked about joining. She rocks. I squeed. She squeed. We all squeed for Italy.

And with my travel buddy comes travel buddy-like activities. We are packing the Travel Catan, the catan card game, plague and Pestilence, and a few other card games. We are also packing a few series of books we haven't read that we can swap back and forth. We are both armed with Ipods, sneaky places to hide money on our bodies, travel agendas and cameras. We put our brains together about wardrobe; it will be fall-like (chillier than my last trip to Florence) so we should be ready for chill and rain.

We are also going to see if 1 - you can get Tequila on this trip and 2 - see if it's any good. JZ is a Tequila snob and I'm always willing to be corrupted.

sigh. I'm overwhelmed by how much I have to do. AND the freak out is starting at work as they realize I won't be back in the office until 11/12. So my lunches have vanished in a flurry of pushing projects and wrapping stuff up. It's been get in early, work through lunch, stay late. I need to prepare summary status of all my projects so my boss can hand them out.
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Itinerary:textile-ing and shoe shopping across the continent )
PS. I'm on hiatus from new projects for me. I have 2 outfits (my fruit seller and my ropa outfit) and one gamurra, so in my mind there's plenty of need. I have emptied the wardrobe of stuff that doesn't fit, so there's plenty of space for new things. I have fabric, so there's resources. I have plenty of books and inspiration. I just know I'll come home from the Conference with new ideas on cut and construction. It would be mad to start something new knowing myself as I do. Instead, I'm pulling out my wools and silk brocades and preemptively moving them to my workshop. I'm prewashing my linen linings. I'm getting wooden beads and thread. The shears are being sharpened, the pins are being sorted into their correct boxes(*). I'm carefully staging stuff in anticipation of returning from my trip.

(*) yes, I sort my pins. I mentioned I'm OCD
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this is just a space to store notes since I tend to purge and/or lose sticky notes.
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