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Apr. 1st, 2008 02:26 pm
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I locked up the angry-girl posts. (well, the recent ones). Instead of bringing the world down, I need a few moments to embrace the good.

1. I have a great life-partner. I can't believe we met 19 years ago (Beltane, 1989. Beck and Sophie stepped up, I think) and we started to date sometime after June Crown. What are the odds that the man you fall in love with when you are 20 years old is going to become your best friend, biggest champion, and best-intentioned adversary? that he could be someone who's life goals and values are sufficiently overlapping with mine, that we build a life together? and buy a home? and have kids? I can't believe it's been 19 years when it feels like no more than 5 years.

2. Parent-hood rocks. An assumption I'd made 19+ years ago was that I was not fit to be a parent. A summer stint as a nanny helped me discover my capacity for teaching kids and caring for them. And here I am, with my own Daring Duo. And for their part they are amazing. They are sensitive, smart, silly, affectionate, healthy, and they keep me grounded.

3. I have a great job. Despite today's upset and the seething anger it has inspired, despite the politics and my frustrations at being told to be nicer to the loser-kids, I have a very supportive management team looking out for my interests and I usually enjoy what I do.

4. I have a great life in Concord. My family lives there. Our school and teachers are great. The mundane pleasures of great community centers, the farmer's market, sun-shiney summers, a grocery I can walk to, level streets the kids can learn to bike and skate on, 2 BART stations, and a bored (proactive) police department are greatly appreciated.

5. My family (both blood and chosen) are the best ever. They are smart, fearless, steeped in morals, go-getters, creative, loyal, honest (a double-edged sword!), and caring. Occasionally we drive each other nuts and there are periods where our lives keep us too busy to stay in frequent contact, but we are always there for each other. I remember not having family; this is a million times better I know that if I need anything, there are almost a dozen phone numbers I can dial and each of them will be there for me. The toughest question I have: who do I call for help so that the others don't feel excluded!

6. My health. I thank myself for having the drive. I thank the universe at large for keeping me in one piece long enough to get here and experience this. Everyday that I go running, I am grateful that I have the ability and the opportunity.

7. My husband. I know, I already mentioned him. But he deserves a 2nd go around. He's incredibly supportive of me and he cherishes me. He's a tender father. And he never ever put his birth family's needs before my own; I've always come first.

8. My teachers. I have a lot of teachers, both classroom and informal, at work and in SCA, and some who didn't realize I was using them as role models or that I was using their mistakes to make better choices for myself. They've encouraged me to be introspective and kind. They've taught me that it's not a crime to be a woman who's smart. And some have helped me be honest with my own muse; to not shirk the harder task just because it's harder.


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