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I am reposting this for me, but you are welcome to read it. I originally shared this with my WW session in 2007. What works for me doesn't work for everyone, but if it helps, then I'm glad to have been able to help someone out.

This is what I do with regard to eating and exercise over the holiday season:
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My RSN course was so intense, my fitness dropped off. The miracle of not gaining weight despite the number of bree-stuffed panini and slices of chocolate cake that were eaten was due to the fact that I ate light breakfast, big lunch, no dinner. While that was going on, my fitness gains were fading.

A week ago Wednesday night, home from Embroidery Boot Camp, I got a call at home from Captain Energy, my personal trainer. He was confirming todays appointment. He also asked me how I was doing. Being a good Catholic, I was overcome with guilt and immediately confessed the sins of sloth and gluttony. He "ahh"-ed and "hmm"ed and then commented that I hadn't been in the gym in 9 days. I think it was really 7 or 8 since the previous visit happened around midnight the week before. However, he checks on me. I'm his "star" victim. Oh boy. I had one week to get my rear end back into fighting form. F sat on the sofa and laughed at me. Where's a NERF dart gun when you need one? Making up for Lost Ground )

Nutrition-wise, I'm rebooting this week. Last year I developed a ton of bad habits. Since then I've been able to tweak my diet and build in some good habits, but I have not made much progress on losing the unwanted weight. So I started ramping up last weekend and went "hard core" Monday. I have been logging, reframing, packing lunch, etc for months and I've been working out. My problem is that part of my brain wasn't in the game; I'm really good at negotiating bad foods into my plan and eating just enough to not gain anymore since I'm running so much.

Starting Monday the only carbs I've had come from vegetable or quinoa (high fiber grain which many nutrition writers will say is the "best grain ever" or something like that). My protein has been from legumes. I'm eating 7-9 portions of fruit and veg a day and I'm also consuming low-fat dairy. I'm taking nutrition supplements and I'm also getting enough calories a day (I'm tracking to also make sure I'm not starving myself). I'm also not touching junk food and what I mean is that I'm not physically making contact with it. If the kids want something that I know I can't have and which I know is a trigger food, I give them verbal direction and I'm not making physical contact with it. I can't eat it if I'm not touching it. (Well, we know that's not technically true, but that's what I tell myself and I won't chew through the cardboard package for the cookies. Not yet, anyway.).

Along those lines, I sauteed chard this week. I can't believe how easy and tasty it was. The recipe called for a little bit of butter. The smell of the cooking butter almost made me pass out from gluttonous anticipation. There was a phrase in "Julie and Julia" where Meryl Streep (Julia Child) made some statement about the wonders of cooking with lots and lots of butter. I think my favorite red head has also commented on this. I didn't get it before, but I totally get it now. Even if you can't taste it (since I have the tastebuds of a barbarian and delicate flavors are lost on me), it smells divine. I start drooling just thinking about it. I could happily brown butter while eating something else just to let my nose soak up the flavors.

Tomorrow night: sauteed bok choy.

I think between the looming race (July 11) and a week of sloth and gluttony really inspired me to get on track. Honestly, I can't even look at cake right now and feel any cravings. Regardless of why or how, I'm glad I'm back in my zone.
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I yearn to travel. Super N and I watched a travel blurb on Peru and he suggested we go. I was really excited about the blurb and agreed right away. It's not do-able right now, but one day in the future I believe Super N and I will be tromping around the world. Unless he gets hormones, grows up and finds others to travel with. Then I'll be tromping on my own or luring a friend along. Anyway, time to dig out the Italian language CDs again - I want to be ready just in case I get some unexpected opportunity to drop everything and go. You never know.

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cooking adventures turns out nummy: paella, white asparagus, bread with nuts-cheese, orange custard )

Today is "SCIENCE!" Day. I have a book of science projects for kids and we flipped through it. The kids each picked something to do for science fair and then we charted out 4-5 more projects we are going to do "just for us". The upstairs bathroom is about to become a mad-science lab. heh.

Super N is doing great in school. His performance reports are pretty awesome. I'm grateful to the teacher for doing this, so I think we'll send a little thank you gift this week.

Projects: This weekend I started to mentally move forward with my to-do list; excitement is building. Felicia (head needle schemer in the WKN-Guild) contacted me last fall and booked me to do something that she needed by 3/1, which would have been perfect over the last few weeks. Lolling around with "embroidery by numbers" (i.e. doing a project per someone else's design) would have fit in well with my post-12th Night project recovery. But it never came, I got no word, and that window has closed (meaning there isn't enough time between now and 3/1 for me to complete the scope of work she described). In my world silence means, "I changed my mind, don't worry about it and carry on as you were." So I've mentally moved on. My race is in a week, so between now and then I'm looking over my lists and staging stuff. But it's very exciting and it keeps me my mental gears occupied while I'm running.


Uncle went running with me yesterday. His base speed is faster than mine, but his endurance has taken a hit because he had a foot injury (he had gout in his foot and the pain was so extreme he couldn't wear a shoe for days!!!) and he hasn't run in a bit over a month. Plus before that he'd been running sporadically. Yesterday he could do speedy intervals until his lungs protested and then he'd walk. I was the steady little engine chugging along at my 10-min mile. My problem was that everytime I stopped to walk with him, my calves screamed during my restart and just as my muscles got to the warm, comfortable zone again he'd walk. We did that for about 45 minutes or so and determined that we are not compatible running buddies for the race (I don't mind being his pace-car during a weekend run, but that's going to kill me in a 13.1 mile run). The plan for next Sunday is that we will race our own races and not worry about staying together. His strategy will be to run for 10 minutes and walk 3-5 minutes and even if he doesn't feel tired at the 10 minute mark, he's going to walk. That will hopefully keep him from red-lining at the end of the race. And in his own words, if he has to walk to the finish, so be it. My strategy is to use the 3 of the 5 water stations as "walking zones"; run my pace to the water station, drink and walk the length of the water station, and then run again.

Oh - my new running mantra:

If I'm worried about how my butt looks in those tight "Nike Fit" running capris, then I'm not running hard enough or focusing enough on my form. LOL
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I've been working hard to regain all my good habits... the good habits that slipped away last year. I'm also retooling how/when I eat.

For more boring details in the life of a working mom who's trying to keep fit and healthy..Read more... )
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I don't want to go to work on January 2 and realize I've gained weight over the holidays. In fact, right now I'm trying to trim back a few pounds to where I was in September.

This is what I do with regard to eating and exercise over the holiday season:

Threadwalker's Survival Guide for Holiday Null-weight-gain )
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I need to stop eating pasta "in quantity". I.E. as a meal. In fact, based on recent bread-a-palooza's and Monday's pasta-oriented lunch, I think that I need to seriously knock it off. Not just in a flirty, "oh, right. I shouldn't do that." But in a "this makes me feel like shit for days afterwards so don't do it".

Ugh. I post this to remind myself. I am as bad as an alcoholic at an open bar when it comes to carbs. I may forget again as soon as I smell the french bread, but I hope I don't. I hope this weeks suck-tastic pasta adventure will stay in my lizard brain.

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