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Anyone want to "escape" from Alcatraz? August 29, Sunday.

Technically, this is not the "official" escape from Alcatraz triathlon. This is the "San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz", not the official "Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon", which is hosted/organized by a different organization. But considering you have to QUALIFY for the 'Escape' race, being the happy-go-lucky racer that I am, I consider this to be just as good.

I'm thinking about it. I wasn't going to, but they send these enticing emails along with classes for swim clinics. And I LOVE being able to take a class that will forewarn me of inate challenges.
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I wonder if I"m still experiencing a post-race endorfin rush.

I registered for 2 triathlons yesterday (San Francisco Tri, which will be on Treasure Island the weekend of July 11 and my favorite Pacific Grove Tri which will be in Pacific Grove/Monterey Sept 10-ish).

And I got to the gym this morning. I'm still hobbling around, but I warmed up for 5 minutes on the elliptical and then lifted weights for 45 minutes. Rah Rah Rah!

I lurve endorfins.
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Before I forget, the funny things the kids said this weekend: )

Post Race Comments

I ran a half marathon yesteday. Yay!
2 hours, 19 minutes total. Hurray!
I ran the whole thing and had a great time!

It was a gorgeous day out. I spent a lot of time rubber-necking Golden Gate Park and I know I had a huge smile on my face for most of it. It felt GREAT! I had some funny conversations on the way; We had to run past the finish line on our way out to the 2nd loop, so a bunch of gals and I were running past finishers who were fleet, lean, running machines. A few of them said, "wow, look at that." I cried out, "Why don't I eat better and run more?" And the crowd of ladies laughed. Yes, I carbo-loaded with Chinese food and mojito Saturday night. Hence the not "fleet, lean, running machine" wearing MY shoes. LOL.

I enjoyed the running. My shin splits didn't act up too much and the weird chronic calf/leg pain went away after a few miles. I got all warm and relaxed and found my zone in the pack. I even had a "fleet" mile during mile 8; I passed people and felt very gazelle like. It felt like I was doing a 9-min mile at that point, wheeee! And then my body crashed on mile 10. Every joint in my body was clamoring in pain... even an elbow! The elbow bit was kind of offensive because, well.. what gives? The brain told the elbow to knock it off. To add to the fun, one knee went knumb and I limped along for about 20 feet. I slowed down until it felt better and shook it off. So I was being careful and having fun.

There were 5 water stations; I snagged a whole bottle of gatorade at the last one and carried it in with me (I want to get one of those canteen belts the runners have for next time) and some "freebies" put on by locals, including the guy playing a tribal beat on a drum, the group that was blasting music, the "bacon station" at mile 11 and the "beer station" at mile 11.5. Too funny! (I didn't take any bacon or beer, but the bacon smelled great). At the final turn to the last 1/4 mile uphill finish there was a crowd holding their hands out to slap '5' as you ran past, which was super-cool... I got some skin and it helped charge me up the last bit. I finished strong on the uphill, speeding up and passing people, and even dodging around a wall of men. I dug out every last ounce of drive and energy I had, which is its own victory. After I crossed the finish and got funneled through the exit, Uncle J was there, clapping. (He did the 5k, woot woot)

I wasn't in great shape after the race; I'd truly used what I had left to get up that hill as fast as I could, so walking sucked. I walked just far enough to the post-race Expo to get my T-shirt and then turned around to trudge back up that hill. I skipped the other freebies - I have enough water bottles and dental floss (which is usually what you get). Wandering through the park back towards where I'd parked, we discovered that the finish was quite a bit further from the starting line than we'd guessed. We had to walk 45 minutes to get to the exit of the park (at 8th, near PoF Arts). It was a beautiful walk, but I was ready to be seated long before we got out of the park. Thank god for the Muse Cafe on the corner of 8th, which had Diet Coke and BLTs. We ate and then tromped down to Geary and 8th where the car was. After all that post-race tromping around, I was greatful that Uncle J offered to drive.

Right now I'm very sore. My quads are screaming in pain and my butt hurts; so sitting down and standing up suck. But I tell myself it's victory pain. And I'm still smiling, so it really must be the Pain O' Victory.

I plan on doing it next year. Anyone want to train or co-motivate?

P.S. Last year I concluded that I'd never have the bandwidth to train for a Half Iron Man Tri and set it aside as an unreasonable goal. The run-leg of the Half Iron is a half marathon... so I'm dusting that little idea off and re-examining it. Maybe it could fit into my life.
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Pre-Race Crunch Time and Mental Landscape
the contest on the bike and the contest in my head )
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I'm still high on last weekend. Death Ride in 4 weeks. My game plan... is locked up in my head. But when reviewing it with the hubby, he had one question:

"Why aren't you trying to do all 5 passes?"

Squee... I love him. His thought was that I was there and I needed to go for broke and after hearing about my weekend and my schemes, he didn't see why I wasn't planning on doing all of it.

I love him so much! My biggest fan evah!

I will go for broke, but I was sharing my reasonable expectations, not my OCD driven schemes for taking over the world.

So.. if you are looking for something to do on July 11 and want to throw water on me, have lunch, maybe help apply some mole-skin and then root me on up the 4th pass, meet me in Hermit's Valley. I will be there between 11 am and 3 pm for lunch and then I will go back up to the top of Ebbetts and onwards To Glory!

(It's a big time window because I just can't be more specific. I plan on starting at 4 am and Monitor may take 6 hours OR it may take less if the weather doesn't suck. And Ebbetts took 2 hours on legs that got to rest more than 12 it's all guess work.)

To get to Hermits Valley that day, take Hwy 4 from the Arnold side. The roads will be closed from the other direction for the ride. And IF they open, they will be a mess.
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It was all good. No shark sitings. The only great-whites were land creatures!
my weekend, my winning tri-strategies, blah blah blah )
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Results are up!!! I was 2:17 (hr/min). Take the flat out, and I come close to making my estimated time goal of 2 hrs... and that's including the transitions. Yay! (link to race below; I'm #569) scheming )
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The race was a blast.  I'm already planning my next foray!
(my lj-cuts didn't work very well at home. I promise to clean this up later) 

Small Edit: Victory moment

pre-race stuff

The DJ/Announcer at the race was hysterical. He gleefully informed us over the PA that 60% of the race was women. He immediately spun up "Brickhouse".  There was a lot of athletic eye-candy there, too. Vic overheard me mention that to Catherine and he was quick to agree! hahahaha! The winner of the race was a 41 year old man. Woot Woot for the 40+ age group.

What? We want to talk about the actual race? The best race ever despite a terrible run and my worst nightmare come to life. 

The swim aka

The bike aka  

The 4 mile run:  "Training to fail proves itself"

On Racing the Boss: 
The shower afterwards... total heaven! And I got a shiney medal! Our victory meal was at Denny's in Cordelia. And I had the brownie Sunday.. nom nom nom.. well earned.

Monday I'm registering for the Tri at Pacific Grove and sending in my membership for USATriathlon. And I'm going to look for 1-2 smaller ones between now and then. I'm hooked. 

Post Race Pondering: 
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Or just toil and trouble..
play-doh makes it all better )

Revived Opinion of 24 HR Fitness - the local manager rocks
Friday night I did my gym work-out. yay! And I met with Kenny K., manager of my local 24-hr fitness club and built like The Rock. It turns out the hubby wants to use the membership that I cancelled so I needed to go set it up again. sigh. That's just sooo ironic; he doesn't use it for 3 years and on the day I cancel it, he asks me to order a replacement membership card for him because NOW he wants to go.

Anyway, Kenny was professional and nice. I told him my drama, starting with the miscommunication between his staff person and myself, then the whole maddening phone thing. No, I did not vent because that whole thing is in the past: I was nice and professional. When we were done, he reinstated the account and he offered to comp me the months that were erroneously charged to the wrong account. Wow! And all I was hoping for was the same rate I'd gotten for the hubby the first time. Rah Rah for customer service at my club.

Triathalon prep
I'm hyped about the triathalon, which means nervous and excited and overwhelmed and determined to whip it. So Saturday morning I took my (newly borrowed) bike out and did a 1hr+20 min ride and then did a 40 min stagger/run. I am now confident that I could probably finish the triathalon right now. I need to work on improving my fitness level, I need to train on hills and I need to get the rust off my swim skills between now and then because I want to do more than "just finish"; I may register for an Olympic length in the fall.

I was very tired during the run. I think I need to take in some calories while I'm doing this, but not sure if it should be carbs or protein. Anyone reading this who might have feeback?

Oh - and Le Chef may start joining me for the bike portion of the program. Yay! I'm assuming that will be once we get past Thanksgiving and our start time will be 9am-ish. I mentioned it to Spot Boy, but his bike is at work. Maybe he'll find a loaner and we'll start a club and get jerseys and maybe I'll get them racing and .. Ooops! Stop that! You are too busy!

boring details of my bike relearning curve and staggering/running adventures early Saturday )
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Upcoming possibilities:
I yearn to do the Dec 1 race in Death VAlley (the 10 K, not the marathon). Oh well. Too soon. Too over scheduled right now. Catagon- I see some Huddart park stuff which is near you. Interested? Feb 2 & Mar 1.
Read more... )
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Okay, I'm ready to throw down with myself. I've got my "mean" face on and I'm not giving up just because it seems so hard.
this is a fitness post )

Edit: I did it. I registered for a sprint length triathalon. May 4,2008 in Napa.

OMG... I'm not sure if I want to do a happy dance or puke from fear. Jay-Zee (co-worker) is loaning me her mountain bike after Halloween, so I'll get to start training... err.. cycling.. on that. And I need to find a pool and get back into the groove of distance swimming.... (dance or puke; dance or puke; dance or puke? jury is out. back to work instead)



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