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Jan. 18th, 2010 04:26 am
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I did my long run Saturday morning before the 9-year old b-day party.

8 miles! Whoo-hoo. The cool part? (besides finishing...) Catching up with the blond lady in the pink shirt who was going a smidge faster than me, striking up conversation, and finding out she's a Weight Watchers group leader. We chatted for the last 1.5 miles AND I had to go faster than my comfort zone.

I win!

(And those endorfins were appreciated because after filling my house with kids and adults, the Play-Well people who were supposed to arrive with a planned Lego activity never showed up. We broke out the nerf swords and board games... but still... a lot of sad kids including 2 birthday boys)
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(no, I really don't think anyone in LJ land gives a hoot. I need to jot this down for me)

Pace solidly down to 9:30 min/mi for 1 hr. Yay.

Working on gettting it down to 9:00 min/mi. Using intervals. It's kicking my butt. I can maintain it for 10 minutes and then need to dial it back.
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Or just toil and trouble..
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Revived Opinion of 24 HR Fitness - the local manager rocks
Friday night I did my gym work-out. yay! And I met with Kenny K., manager of my local 24-hr fitness club and built like The Rock. It turns out the hubby wants to use the membership that I cancelled so I needed to go set it up again. sigh. That's just sooo ironic; he doesn't use it for 3 years and on the day I cancel it, he asks me to order a replacement membership card for him because NOW he wants to go.

Anyway, Kenny was professional and nice. I told him my drama, starting with the miscommunication between his staff person and myself, then the whole maddening phone thing. No, I did not vent because that whole thing is in the past: I was nice and professional. When we were done, he reinstated the account and he offered to comp me the months that were erroneously charged to the wrong account. Wow! And all I was hoping for was the same rate I'd gotten for the hubby the first time. Rah Rah for customer service at my club.

Triathalon prep
I'm hyped about the triathalon, which means nervous and excited and overwhelmed and determined to whip it. So Saturday morning I took my (newly borrowed) bike out and did a 1hr+20 min ride and then did a 40 min stagger/run. I am now confident that I could probably finish the triathalon right now. I need to work on improving my fitness level, I need to train on hills and I need to get the rust off my swim skills between now and then because I want to do more than "just finish"; I may register for an Olympic length in the fall.

I was very tired during the run. I think I need to take in some calories while I'm doing this, but not sure if it should be carbs or protein. Anyone reading this who might have feeback?

Oh - and Le Chef may start joining me for the bike portion of the program. Yay! I'm assuming that will be once we get past Thanksgiving and our start time will be 9am-ish. I mentioned it to Spot Boy, but his bike is at work. Maybe he'll find a loaner and we'll start a club and get jerseys and maybe I'll get them racing and .. Ooops! Stop that! You are too busy!

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Upcoming possibilities:
I yearn to do the Dec 1 race in Death VAlley (the 10 K, not the marathon). Oh well. Too soon. Too over scheduled right now. Catagon- I see some Huddart park stuff which is near you. Interested? Feb 2 & Mar 1.
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