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Saturday was awesome.

1. Trunk Sale... trunk sale )

3. Two words WE love: GAME DAY!Role the dice, already! )

4. Two other words we love: JUMP HOUSE!!!

We had a jump house. It was sorta for the kids (ours and guests), but I had a blast in it. I think the Jump house idea is a keeper for all game days whether or not there are any kids. NO BODY loses in the jump house. only 3 rules:

1. no shoes
2. no silly string (that's actually in the contract)
3. no adult beverages

Turns out the jumpie owner is doing fundraising for Leukemia, too. He's running a marathon and needs to raise money. So I donated. woot woot.

"Pass the dice, Loser"and my games went like... )
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was good last night at Cal Shakes. Of course it was. I love their series. And Oscar Wilde is hysterical. (although I wonder what the reference to 7-3/4 glove size meant... we all shrugged at each other... need to do some homework on that one). It's my quarterly dose of culture. Yay me! I'm out of the petri dish.

It was cold, tho. It's an outdoor ampitheater and the play ran from 7:30 to 10:30ish, but it wasn't this cold last year at this time. During the second half I noticed the mist up near the stage light... brrrrr.....During intermission I think I did 2 mighty leaps from our far corner of the ampitheater to the blanket bin at the entrance. I got mine. Then I got coffee (big mistake! up all night!) and then went back to my seat to settle in.

On the other hand, up all night = all laundry done. Not folded - kids will get to help tonight, but all washed/dried/dumped on sofa. They freaked this morning when they saw the sofa because they KNOW what piles of laundry means. LOL.

letting go )

Trunk Sale

Jul. 5th, 2008 01:47 am
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Here's the crazy person math:

One chick w/ OCD (1)
+ burning desire to get something done
+ one book on HTML (by Elizabeth Castro)
+ case of diet coke with lime and 40 oz bag of skittles
= website.

Yeah, it's basic. But I'm a simple person (most of the time!) and it meets my needs. Besides, I did it with a book propped open on my lap, not classes or SOS-phone calls to my high-tech friends. There's no moving parts, fancy wall paper or borders. *gasp* I'm so Ol' School! I think I'll survive.

I have a lot of picture taking to do over the next few days and a lot of Skittles to exercise off my sedentary butt. (How many calories will I burn climbing into and out of outfits while juggling camera on tripod?)

Right now, it's time to be unconscious for several hours because tomorrow (later today) I need to finish painting the Ariel-Super Girl underwater super base tree fort and reassemble that bedroom.

(1)Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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I dig Judith. She made a decision and "executed" it. (read up on Judith and Holofernes if you're confused).

I like to live my life like that. I have my little catch phrases that reflect my outlook:

No regrets
Think it, do it.
Live today, plan tomorrow, let go of yesterday
Don't put stuff off; you might not live long enough to do it.
Appreciate the beauty in each day.
There is ALWAYS something to be greatful for if you have the brains to look for it.

and my all time favorite:

Don't feel sorry for yourself; make a choice and either accept the situation and shut up or DO SOMETHING!! Make a plan or suck it up; stop crying because tears don't really help and no one else really gives a shit.

(I write that out and I have a stray thought... yes, I even tell my kids "stop whining and make a choice". At least I'm consistent.) 

I've been so sad that I have a ton of costumes that don't fit. Some litterally slide right off my shoulders and as far as some corsets go, I can spin the Victorian corsets right around my torso. I'm thrilled to be smaller and fit, but I put a small piece of myself into each of those garments. They are pieces of self expression and each represents a journey of discovery, research, and creativity, not "just some ol' costumes". I've gathered most of them into the Corbie Cave with the intent of cutting them down, but everytime I go into my sanctum, the growing pile of "do-overs" just crushes the creativity right out of me. I'm both overwhelmed and sad.

So... boo hoo! Suck it and make a choice already, right? So I have. I'm having a trunk sale on July 19 and a second one on the same Saturday as Purg (which coincides with some CoH geekery we are doing; we hardly ever go to Purg because it coincides w/ F's b-day). I'm going to price stuff at cost-of-materials, including the stuff I finished entirely by hand. I'm dumping everything that does not fit, including dance clothing, Viking (yes, I actually made one! gasp!), Saxons, and Victorians. I just don't need to be storing this stuff anymore.

I'm building a web page to put the details out there, including photos of all the stuff I'm selling along with the "documentation" (How could I NOT do that? c'mon!) I will probably dig out the pile of half-finished corsets that I shrank out of before ever finishing and have those ready for the August trunk sale ... no point in keeping those around, either, and it will be cathartic to finish them. And I'm dumping all the cotton chemises. Time to get cracking on the linen stuff, dammit!

So there it is, I made a choice. I was working on the web page until 3 am and realized my eyes were tired. I've sorted my photos and I'm trying to unravel the mystery of web-slinging. 

By the time I'm done, I'll probably have 1 court outfit, my red Itialian fruit seller, and a coat. Plus I'll have my silk Persian stuff (for easy Sunday wear) and my beloved ropa from D_Salie.  I'm keeping the bumble bee dress cuz it's awesome and I have two finished (re-cut) gamurra's. So I won't be nekkid, but I will have a lot of empty space in my closets and trunks. I'll probably cry like a baby on July 20, but then I'll suck it up and make a list of all the positives. Afterall, when I get back from my trip to Italy, I'll have plenty of empty closet space to fill, right? Yeah.. if you've never given away your art reluctantly, that's not that much of a consolation. But this feels like the right thing to do. So there it is. I made a choice and now I'm executing it.


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