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2014/2015 Slogging Party Schedule:

July 26, Lake Chabot (Castro Valley) "Bad Bass" (5k) (done)

August 24, Golden Gate Park Cross Country 5k
Starts at Polo fields, 9 am<clickid=06_25302798_1adbf852-e1a5-4436-aaef-5d421dd1d704<cmp=194590

September 7, Sunday, Richmond, "Peace-Love-Run"
Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Richmond, CA, 8:15 am!race-info/clij

September 28, Susan G Komen Race for the Cure (Breast Cancer)

If anyone wants to suggest a Slogging fest where they live, send me a date. My hesitation for choosing something in south bay or in the valley is that I would be sad if I got up at 5am to make it to a race in that area and I was the only Slogger to attend. If I'm going to be on my own, I might as well do it closer to home and sleep longer. I'm more than happy to join others, though. More can be found on
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Kind of a cross post from facebook.

I can conquer the world
I feel renewed. We're moved. (not unpacked). The kitchen is functional. I have a cat to fulfill the roll of fuzzy management. I have a lot of "big think" going on in my brain. It must be my excitement for life burbling up within. Then I was planning a pedicure for Sunday (my toes are covered in all the colors we've been painting the house!) and it coincided with a "therapy pedicure" for someone else which started to became a cup of coffee but then turned into a pitcher of margaritas.

The pedicure rocked. I feel unstoppable. Everyone knows that nothing says, "I can take over the universe!" like a great pedicure.

The Goal
I jumped on the scale. I have 40 lbs to lose to get back to my happy, healthy, strong, butt kicking, cardio-crushing, endurance athlete place. That is a big number, but I've done bigger.

That's not bad news. I lost weight in Hawaii, came home, moved, flew to LA for a funeral, came home and moved some more, and have been living off microwave mac'n'cheese (which I hate to admit, but I am not tired of it! YUM!... what is WRONG with me?). I'm hovering at the same high weight I was at a few months ago. So all is not lost, things are not completely out of control and I have clothes that fit.

Three months to your Best Body
Courtesy of Oxygen Magazine
Those of us who yo-yo up and down in our weight know the mental landscape is the biggest war field. I went on to Oxygen magazine's website looking for inspiration and I've decided to throw myself into their "best body in 3 months" program. They provide a grocery list and the first week of work outs are bodyweight and can be done at home. If you are curious, search Oxygen magazine (not the television channel) and it's on their website.

Planning is succeeding
I went to the grocery store very late last night and this morning I'm cooking, doing laundry and getting ready for work. I've decided to save my 45 minute work out for when I get home because Miss E has been expressing the desire to work out with me and I want to work it into our normal day together. It's a body weight program you can do at home (lunges, crunches, push ups, etc). Besides, I'd like to do it on my pool deck, in my yard and breathing the fresh air of freedom without getting brain freeze (it's dastardly cold out).

What does success look like?"
If I stay true to this, I wonder what the changes will look like? Will our hero escape the clutches of Microwave Dinner Trap and lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks? Or will she succumb and then get brain freeze from Professor Cold Front? Will her cat come down from his tree and help or is he secretly in league with Captain Calories or does he have an agenda of his own? If she uses the Oxygen plan, will she drop in size and not weight?

To be continued. Find out next time at the same Death Raven Channel.
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We are trying to reach out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. While my membership to a zillion WK Yahoo groups is pending, I'm seeking other avenues of getting the word out. Please feel free to forward this. I'm a luddite hiding behind only 1-2 e-formums and my boyfriend is MORE ludditey. TGIF -

From the King and Queen of the West, Obadiah and Ascelin

Unto our Populace, Peers, Local Groups, Kingdom Guilds, Pillars of the West and all who shelter under the mantle of the West Kingdom,

We have declared that this March Crown will be open to all who wish to temper the steel of our next king with their mighty blows. Thus the first section of the tournament will be a round robin of six fields open to all authorized fighters. Those who wish to test the might of the contenders for crown may do so as a hammer forges a sword. A single overall victor shall be announced on each field. The two contenders for crown with the best record in their robin robin shall advance to the double elimination portion of the list. Those fighters who do not wish to contend for the crown may retire knowing that they have tested the worth of the crown contenders and added to the renown of the West.

With a such a mighty field of combatants, our officers and volunteers will be in great need of aid. We ask that all who are able give of their services to our Lists Mistress, Earl Marshal and Green Cloak Herald so that this day will progress as smoothly as all crown lists.

We specifically ask that our Peers, Pillars of the West, Guards, Artisans, and Courtiers lend themselves to the aid of our officers to make this Crown a magnificent spectacle. So little as two hours of time can make all of the difference for the success of an event whether that service is during the Round Robin or later during the day.

Additionally, shade and tables are needed for the Lists keepers. If you have the ability to host a list table in your sunshade, are able to provide a small sunshade, or are able to provide a table, please reach out to us or Duchess Meghan, Mistress of the Lists, so that this can be coordinated.
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See, i do things other than fight an uphill battle to get divorced, raise kids and trudge along in Isengard.

Reformer Pilates, A home fitness training session and maybe I could start a side business built on this later )
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In our district it's the first day. The kids are loaded up with supplies, both for themselves and the classroom. I feel like I should send a therapy-box of chocolates to each teacher along with a Costco sized bottle/jar of ibuprofen and a meditation CD.

Or just a bottle of Jack?

Anyway, heartfelt sympathy to all the teachers who are wrangling kids after a long summer break.
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Habits... how much of our relationships are built on habits? Do we always pick on the same person? treat certain people with admiration? fear the same people? label the same people as cool? uncool? geek? clown? intellectual? How many of our interactions are based on a history that turns perception into assumption and then expectation.

I think humans are only human. We get used to treating someone a certain way and don't understand a shift in dynamics when it occurs. We see the the kid that always gets picked who later seems to attract mockery. Or how we identify the "smart kid" and even if they are spouting average information, we are inclined to think that they are smart.

At what point do we internalize the external perception placed on us by others? Do we rise and/or fall to fullfill expectations? What do we have to go through to change the internalized belief? What if I don't want to be the class clown? or the "bad influence"?

And once we change on the inside, how do we change the perception of others?

What changes us? An awakening. A life changing event. And how do we recognize it in someone else? Especially since as adults we tend to think we are wiser, but maybe we are really just more set in our ways and less likely to recognize change when it's in our faces.

Suppose the class wimp becomes, like the Karate Kid, an ass-kicking superstar? What if you don't do karate and didn't know there was a tournament, how will you recognize the change? You won't unless you were the one stealing his lunch money and then it will be when your face connects with the ground and you don't remember being thrown to the floor. That would be a clue. And if you were nearby when the lunch money was being taken and see the ass-kicking, that would be a clue. Other than that, your chance to change your perception might only happen if you heard about the tournament or the bully smack-down.

Change is good. We should reinvent ourselves every so often. My dusty memory seems to recall that Ben Franklin (or some other intellectual who was important) indicated that we should have a revolution in the US on some routine basis. (Was it every 100 years?) I don't recall the details with my Swiss cheese memory, but conceptually it's good to shake up expectations and juice the brain into thinking new thoughts and questioning perceptions.

In other words, suck it up, Cupcake. Buy a clue or your face will meet the pavement.
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I've been slacking. I haven't gained any weight (well, maybe 2 lb, but I'm so used to shooting up 5-10 lb, 2 feels super-manageble. I can cut out wheat and lose that 2 lb.)


Monday, Gym; sprint intervals and upper body
Tuesday, Day of Rest
Wednesday, slow work before fighter practice, then fighter practice (Hello Bruise-a-palooza!)
Thursday, Training Session with Captain Optimism. We did max reps on my upper body. My chest hurts like I've got a super duper squeezy sport bra on. I don't, it's just the pain.
Today... well, I slept through my morning window, but I have kids tonight, so maybe we go to the gym on our way home and they play in Kids club while I hit the weights and do Core.
Saturday, long run
Sunday, short run, Core

I feel great. Walking outside has been fabulous in this weather.

Fast food doesn't have to mean Junk food.

Sitting through a meeting yesterday, two of us brought our "fast food lunches". My friend Mike had left work to drive through a McD and get burger and fries. MY fast food was a yougurt, 2 cuties, an apple,a cheese stick and a low fat granola bar (I pack the bars for "just in case"; they are the optional item I leave off if my body isn't that hungry). I think my body loves me more than Mike's body loves him!

When I'm thinking fast food, I walk through the grocery fruit stand and dairy section grabbing ready to eat stuff. IMO, it may take a few more minutes than sitting in line at a burger joint, but if that's the difference between hardening an artery and how healthy I feel after eating well, then I'm in! Sometimes there aren't enough calories for me in that so I grab a can of soup (I like zesty gumbo stuff) or a lemon and some fake crab from the meat counter. A disposable zip lock container can be used to toss, store and eat from plus I keep a box of disposable spoons in the front of my car. (Everyone who gets in my car sees the spoons and gives me a "look" and says, 'Spoons?' LOL. But it works for my on-the-go lifestyle).

This is the easiest season to avoid junk food. Strawberries are in season. That's my impulse buy at the check out. Cuties are in, too, and I slip a few of those in my coat pocket for when the urge strikes. Strawberries and cuties are so much yummier than candy bars, have no fat, and their sugar boost isn't followed by the same kind of crash as a candy bar.

I love living in the Bay Area. So many healthy options all year round. Yay Nutrition.
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Getting into a training groove. In July the swim and run legs of my race are longer than a half-iron man. Guess what this means?

- I've got to actually get serious about training
- If I survive (heavy on the "if"), I'm doing a half-iron next year.

Death Raven is either burying herself or kicking it up a notch, baby.
training for this week )
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It was a fire alarm with dying battery. Ha! So much for sticking my head in all sorts of corners of the office trying to pin point the noise. Go me!

Go Saints!

Jan. 29th, 2011 04:51 pm
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Super N's basket ball team won another playoff game. It was thrilling to watch.

Go Saints!

Tomorrow Miss E's team plays. Fingers crossed that the scrappy "bad news bears" do well.

Sunday: we sign up for track and field. I'm volunteering to coach. Very excited.

Go Saints!
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Open house sales on 1/1/2011 and 1/15/2011. I'm going to take stuff to Ysa's practice as well.

My website is as "updated" as it's going to be for the next few weeks. I still have at least 6 bins of fabric and stuff in the Corbie Cave to go through and measure, so the comment "and more" means more silks, wools and brocades. I just need to focus on measuring and sorting, the photography and webbing is fun, but the photos aren't doing some of this fabric justice.

I also have a box of "pieces", like large cabbage. That's for the taking. Just too big or too nice to throw away, but I have no use for it.

I have a bolt of (no kidding) pylon orange "poodle". It feels amazingly soft and looks scary oragne. I think I was going to make a Renaissance coat and line it with this stuff. I just want to give it a good home. There's 8-10 yards of it.

If you see something on the website that you like, tell me specifically that you want it and when/how you want to get it from me (i.e. come to my house, meet somewhere like Ysa's etc). I don't really know how to interpret "I like X" so please be specific. I will pull it aside and put your name on it.

Right now I'm holding stuff for:

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I put a link from main page to fabric sale. Yay.

And went through 2 more large boxes today. I have a lot of wool. A LOT!!!!

Tromping onwards into more boxes. If you see something you like, let me know.
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2011 is going to fucking rock. I am Athena and my army is massing.

My mom is still a crazy bitch. Why do I let myself believe her? Because, to quote one wise friend, I keep hoping she'll become the mother I wish she were. Whatever, right? So she bailed on me in a key crisis moment. I cried. I gnashed my teeth. I felt my world fall in on me. Then I stood up, wiped my face, fixed my make-up and made a plan. I'm Athena, my army is massing..

I am rendesvousing in Las Vegas with my sister for my birthday. I have a plane ticket. I am so freaking excited, I feel like my chest is going to burst.


By the time I go to bed tonight (midnight-ish) I should have the starts of my fabric-sale webbed. I had so many boxes in the garage, I couldn't bring it all in the house. So I'm starting with one-box at a time. You want some fabric? Shoot me a message. I'm dumping it as fast as I can starting this weekend. Got nothing to do on New Years Day? Come paw through my fabric.

I am Athena, my army is massing.
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I feel like I'm shedding a skin that no longer fits. I am totally addicted to down-sizing read at your own peril )
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Wherein I chat about my numbers and my headspace.

Overall: good
Areas for improvement:
-tracking food
-meditation/stress management

Details behind cut. Read at your own peril. Read more... )

And about that meditation.. I need help.

I need to build a happy place in my head that makes the clenched feeling in my stomach go away long enough to eat and function like a normal person. So today I'm going to start looking for physical anchors of happiness... (maybe a token from one of my trips to Italy)... and try to visualize a place where I know I'm at peace and can feel in control. I'm not sure what that looks like, so it might take a while and I've never really done this before.

Anyone out there who actually meditates and has some breathing/mental Katas that could lead me through this? I'd even be willing to take some vacation time during the week to come to you to learn how to center and calm myself. Or recommend a studio? Dr Kool? Anyone? Help? drowning...

So...onto cleaning up my "internal house" and that purging project:
booksale, fabric sale, etc.

I'm going to ruthlessly cull my library for the book sale. I have an extensive library, but I'm ready to let go of a lot of it. The goal is to keep the stuff that I "need" for my current area of studies and dump EVERYTHING ELSE. And anything redundant/repetitive.

The week after X-mas my Mother in law is coming over and we are going to pull out all the fabric from my stash (I have about 15 bins of stuff) and I want it down to a few rolls and 3 bins by the time I'm done. I'm going to take measurements, take pictures and web as much of it as I can. My goal is to have a web page of "Fabric Trunk Sale and Library Clearance" by 12th Night and then an open house in early February. There's too much to take pictures of everything, though. Plus, some of my sisters have said they want to clear out fabric stashes as well. So more than likely there will be more than just my stuff.

I'm really excited about this. Right now, this IS my happy thought.
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My book shelves are overloaded and I've been stashing fabric for decades. I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm ready to release custody of some of this stuff.

My goal for the new year is to significantly lighten my stash. I've got wools, brocades, etc, that I just won't have time to use in this lifetime and/or my taste has changed. I have books for stuff I'm no longer interested in and I just don't want to store it anymore. I'm even ready to get rid of the 4-harness loom and the weaving supplies. (Won't F get excited when there's more space in the garage for his stuff. heh.)

I even have an extensive tea cup collection I'm going to cull, but I may try to do that on Craiglist or E-bay.

And what do I have in all those kitchen cupboards anyway? Too much stuff.
And what about all that childhood stuff I've been packing around? the kids don't want it and I was supposedly saving it for them. The housecleaning fairies have been sucking that up nicely.

It feels like the right thing to do and I've been thinking about it for almost a year. I want to lighten my load. I think I will be able to breath easier if there's less stuff taking up my air. And I will feel better that the stashed fabric and unused books, etc, will go to people who will love it.

Besides, if I'm ever going to pursue the fantasy of becoming a gypsy triathlete/fiber teacher living out of a streamline and rolling around the country, I need to lighten my load, right?
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I am reposting this for me, but you are welcome to read it. I originally shared this with my WW session in 2007. What works for me doesn't work for everyone, but if it helps, then I'm glad to have been able to help someone out.

This is what I do with regard to eating and exercise over the holiday season:
Surviving Holiday Feasts Threadwalker Style )
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I ran 5 miles this morning:

slowest mile: 9:33
Fastest mile: 9:03
Last Half mile: 3:57

a year ago it would have looked like this:
slowest mile: 10:15
fastest mile: 9:40
last half mile: 4:30

I've gotten faster! I credit a few things

* Heart rate monitor - it keeps me honest on my effort level
* Garmin Forerunner 310 - it's a GPS pacer and keeps me attuned to how fast I'm going
* Music on my ipod - always switching it up to keep it interesting
* Willpower/drive
* Train-train-train (distance AND sprint intervals)
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I snuggled w/ my hubby.
I ran 6 miles and the slowest mile was 9:30!
We went somewhere else for dinner. (I don't cook on T-giving)
I was the bartender and made lemon drop shots and mojitos all night. nom nom nom
I fell asleep (maybe passed out?) on my brother's bed while Miss E played PlayStation 3 in his room. Snuggling my little girl who is so fee-erce!

Good cooking, family, and very relaxing times.


Nov. 8th, 2010 12:19 pm
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Is that the light at the end of the tunnel? or the headlamp on the approaching train?

I'm pooped. Barely anytime for me. However, Saturday was a girlie day out with mom and a few BFFs; facials, shoe shopping and lunch. Dang I totally needed it. I'm now the proud owner of deep garnet colored rainboots with 3inch heals... very snazzy. But other than that and Pumpkin-Ade day, I've been sheltering in place and just trying to steer clear of burn-out.

OH - I'm now a Basketball Mom. I think the difference between us and Soccer Moms is we dress down. Cardigan sweaters need not apply. I think the BB games are shorter and they have the bonus of being indoors (no wet kids standing around in grassy field).

Interesting to watch was last week during practice the coaches had our 4th grade boys' team (Super N's team) play against the 2nd-4th grade girl team (Miss E's team). I was cheering them all on and REALLY proud that the girls didn't back down. Also proud that that boys drills are paying off; it means they are listening to the coach.

Miss E had her first game on Sunday and I think she had a blast even though she never handled the ball during the game... she did a good job of guarding her zone and using her body to move the other girls around. (Future Shield Wall?) But you should have seen the other team's 4th grade girls towering over our team mixed of 2nd-4th graders. And they weren't just taller, they looked like they outweighed our our whippy little 4th graders by 30+ lbs. I kept wondering if some of their 4th graders were actually held back a year because they were so big. We lost, but we got 13 points on the board. Go Saints!

The hubby's cast comes off on Thursday. He thinks he's driving to work on Friday. (roll eyes)

I get to re-enter society on Saturday and I'm celebrating by... teaching a class and serving a feast. It's not exactly lounging by a pool with a fruity drink and a good book, but it will be fun and teaching revives my creative self. I'm now rushing to finish my boy clothes. If nothing else, the careful application of safety pins will keep me put togehter. LOL.. no, I'll be stiched in. But I'm now rushing because I'm just too busy looking after Captain Peg Leg. Speaking of which, I have to go make buttons during my lunch break.

Yay Collegium!


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