Jun. 1st, 2009 09:56 am
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So much pressure. Read more... )

On the other hand, the kids continue to crack me up and make me proud. The only pressure there is the pressure I put on myself.

Upon arriving at Erinwood, I inform them we will make a round of "hello's" before we set up camp.

Miss E, "But I'm shy. Do I have to talk to everyone?"
Super N, "E, you just need to face your fears."

It's so hard to keep the laughter on the inside when I hear the wisdom they share back and forth.

We watched some friend's kids on Friday and my kids were great hosts. Miss E was enchanted with the 2 yr old and they played for hours. (She informed me she wants a baby sister. har har har... so easy to want but very hard to live with).

We went to a BBQ on Saturday and they wow-ed the non-parents in the crowd by heeding me when I said "no" to more cookies. And they played really great with the host's kids, too. Super N once again organizing games all the kids could play. It's so interesting to watch him develop self-confidence.
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Results are up!!! I was 2:17 (hr/min). Take the flat out, and I come close to making my estimated time goal of 2 hrs... and that's including the transitions. Yay! (link to race below; I'm #569) scheming )
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The race was a blast.  I'm already planning my next foray!
(my lj-cuts didn't work very well at home. I promise to clean this up later) 

Small Edit: Victory moment

pre-race stuff

The DJ/Announcer at the race was hysterical. He gleefully informed us over the PA that 60% of the race was women. He immediately spun up "Brickhouse".  There was a lot of athletic eye-candy there, too. Vic overheard me mention that to Catherine and he was quick to agree! hahahaha! The winner of the race was a 41 year old man. Woot Woot for the 40+ age group.

What? We want to talk about the actual race? The best race ever despite a terrible run and my worst nightmare come to life. 

The swim aka

The bike aka  

The 4 mile run:  "Training to fail proves itself"

On Racing the Boss: 
The shower afterwards... total heaven! And I got a shiney medal! Our victory meal was at Denny's in Cordelia. And I had the brownie Sunday.. nom nom nom.. well earned.

Monday I'm registering for the Tri at Pacific Grove and sending in my membership for USATriathlon. And I'm going to look for 1-2 smaller ones between now and then. I'm hooked. 

Post Race Pondering: 


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